City of Lancaster: Community and Police Working Group Strategic Plan

Fall 2020 – The Community Police Working Group, made up of clergy, NAACP representatives, police, city staff, community-based organizations representatives and residents, was formed in July of 2018 following an incident where a Lancaster City police officer tased a man sitting on a sidewalk.  The group has been meeting weekly since its formation in July, has planned and executed one community meeting, has brought together a group of community facilitators to help with small group discussions, has shared information about police operations, other police investigations and is advancing the work of the Police Bureau to address changes in policy related to Use of Force, revisions to the Civilian Complaint Form and the upcoming body camera roll out.  The group of facilitators has met twice and intends to continue supporting additional group discussions between the police and community.  

Intersket Alliance supported the development of the group’s strategic plan through the facilitation of:

  • Community sessions to get input from and build relationships with the community,
  • Ongoing Working Group meetings to determine the areas of focus, goals and strategies for the strategic plan

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