Working together
to facilitate partnerships
that solve the complex
challenges facing

Summer 2018

Helping MSFC and their Board of Directors. 

Spring 2018

Working with Northampton County Prison.


We hosted a 4-part series on Intersectional Feminism. 

June 2017

Easton City Police begin work with Intersekt for comm. engagement.

April 2017

Intersekt holds it’s first “Intersektional Feminism” workshop.

January 2017

Allentown Police met with the community at the local library.

Fall 2016

National Liberty Museum partners with Intersekt for a workshop. 


Working With Women On Intersectional Feminism


2017-19 – Intersekt Alliance hosted a 4 part series – Intersectional Feminism – where we explored how our intersections inform our experiences as women and can help us bridge differences and build relationships.

Intersekt Works with Allentown Police and Community


Jan/Feb 2017 – The Intersekt Alliance team facilitated police and community with bringing more understanding to each other’s experiences. Chief Keith Morris says, “Right now, there’s a critical divide across our country between our police and the communities they serve. We recognized the fact that our relationship with our community is very important. We needed to learn how to enhance those relationships, so we partnered up with Intersekt Alliance to bring some training to the Allentown Police Department and bring us together as a community.”

Medical Students for Choice – Working with the Board

Summer 2018 – Intersekt worked with the Board of Directors to explore the meaning of reproductive justice and determine how to incorporate a reproductive justice framework into the work of the organization

Intersekt Signs 5 Year Agreement with Easton City Police

March 2017 – Intersekt Alliance is proud to announce an agreement with the Easton City Police where we will facilitate ongoing police and community relations. Building on Instersekt co-founder, Guillermo Lopez’s years of working with the Easton City Police, together we continue those efforts and goodwill.

Solutions-Oriented Conversations with the Northampton County Prison


Spring 2018 – We worked with incoming and existing corrections officers to create opportunities to develop new relationships and open up meaningful relationships. Intersekt Alliance is facilitating solution-oriented conversations that increase cultural competency, promote partnership and encourage continuous learning.

Building Bridges in Philly with The National Liberty Museum


August 2016 – Intersekt Alliance and The National Liberty museum brought a “Building Bridges” workshop to the Philadelphia community. Experiencing touches of diversity training and breakout groups, it was wrapped up with some improvisational music and visual art.