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Summer 2019

Expanding our Intersektional Feminism series into New Jersey.

May 2019

Firearms forum in partnership with National Liberty Museum.

Spring 2019

Expanding work with Northampton County Prison.


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Leveraging Intersectionality Workshop with Our Revolution Metro Trenton


May 18, 2019 – This workshop is intended for activists working in progressive activist settings. Encouraged to attend are those who are having difficulties with identity, particularly men, members of the LGBTQ community, or those effected by divisive, hateful discourse. Click to RSVP.

Liberty Forum Series : Firearms


May 15, 2019 Liberty Forum: Gun Control is the first in a new series at NLM in partnership with Intersekt Alliance that aims to provide attendees with the tools and understanding to break free from echo chambers and endless internet comment threads and to engage meaningfully in discussion on difficult issues instead. Click To RSVP.


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Public Forum Series with National Liberty Museum


Summer – Fall 2019 – National Liberty Museum in partnership with Intersekt Alliance is developing a public forum series on issues of the day. Please join our email list to stay informed on when these events will happen.

Northampton County Prison Expands Services with Intersekt 


Spring-Summer 2019 – Northampton County Prison started working with Intersekt Alliance in 2018, facilitating solution-oriented conversations amongst incoming cadets. NCP has asked Intersekt to continue these conversations with upper management.

We’re Expanding Our Intersektional Feminism Series To New Jersey


2019 – Our Intersektional Feminism was a hit so we’re taking it on the road! First stop – New Jersey – where we’ll be opening it up to women (and now men!) We’ll explore additional topics such as connecting with other politically-leaning people around topics of intersectionality. Please join our email list to stay informed!

Intersekt Partners with CADES for Cultural Transformation


Summer – Fall 2019 – CADES (a 70+ year organization that serves children and adults with intellectual and physical disabilities) and Intersekt Alliance have formed a task force to look at their values and behaviors to evolve their internal culture for today and beyond.

Working With Women On Intersektional Feminism


2017-19 – Intersekt Alliance hosted a 4 part series – Intersektional Feminism – where we explored how our intersections inform our experiences as women and can help us bridge differences and build relationships.

Medical Students for Choice – Working with the Board


Summer 2018 – Intersekt worked with the Board of Directors to explore the meaning of reproductive justice and determine how to incorporate a reproductive justice framework into the work of the organization.

Solutions-Oriented Conversations with the Northampton County Prison


Spring 2018 – We worked with incoming and existing corrections officers to create opportunities to develop new relationships and open up meaningful relationships. Intersekt Alliance is facilitating solution-oriented conversations that increase cultural competency, promote partnership and encourage continuous learning.

Intersekt Works with Allentown Police and Community


Jan/Feb 2017 – The Intersekt Alliance team facilitated police and community with bringing more understanding to each other’s experiences. Chief Keith Morris says, “Right now, there’s a critical divide across our country between our police and the communities they serve. We recognized the fact that our relationship with our community is very important. We needed to learn how to enhance those relationships, so we partnered up with Intersekt Alliance to bring some training to the Allentown Police Department and bring us together as a community.”

Building Bridges in Philly with The National Liberty Museum


August 2016 – Intersekt Alliance and The National Liberty museum brought a “Building Bridges” workshop to the Philadelphia community. Experiencing touches of diversity training and breakout groups, it was wrapped up with some improvisational music and visual art.

Intersekt Leads a Kids and Cops Workshop in Easton


June 2015 – Guillermo Lopez, Co-Founder of Intersekt Alliance, leads an interactive conversation with Easton police officers and hundreds of children from an Easton City elementary school.

Intersekt Alliance Evolves from Vision to Reality


February 2015 – Inspired from Obama’s Trayvon Martin speech, Michael Rizzo and wife Ellen Greenberg first start talking about bringing together many of Ellen’s associates and forming a more focused alliance to facilitate conversations among diverse groups of people. In the beginning of 2015, a handful come together to make it real. Click to meet them.